TTT 2022-2

A New Missiology for a Post-Covid World

March 11th - 12th, 2022

Thank you to all who attended and made this year's conference a success!
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Main Speaker

Ed Stetzer
Dr. Ed Stetzer will join us to present the new ways we need to go about communicating Christ and being the Church in a post-Covid culture. An author, national speaker and expert on many topics, Stetzer has been at the forefront of helping churches understand and effectively respond to the new ministry world that we are navigating. You and your leadership team will enjoy his fast-paced, humorous and insightful speaking style.

"Welcome Home" is a popular theme for many churches. it communicates to newcomers that in our congregations you will be loved, encouraged and surrounded by life-giving family in which you can heal, grow and experience life at its best in a growing relationship with your Heavenly Father. "Welcome Home" is a great theme that needs to be re-visited post-covid.

Welcoming people home to our churches in 2022 looks different then in 2019. Due to the pandemic, people have adopted new church attendance patterns. Online services have become much more popular. Is "home" experienced only inside a building or can online church experiences be transformational as well?

The public is wrestling with new fears about gatherings in crowds. Safety and hygiene are still big issues. Masks and vaccines have become dividing points in many congregations. Beyond health issues, many churches are seeing new young families reconnect with their congregations, while regular attenders still lag behind. Why? There are lots of new challenges to deal with. How do we continue to meaningfully welcome home our neighbors in a world that changed so much?

"Welcome Home...Your New Home" will address these issues and more. Along with breakouts on community outreach, online ministry and effective assimilation systems.


Friday, March 11, 2022

11:30 AM
CRM Leaders Lunch

1:30 PM

2:00 PM
Friday Seminars

For Pastor’s Wives

Transitioning Well as a Pastor’s Wife-Coletta Smith and the Alongside team
We’re all transitioning in one way or another. And whatever we’re starting or finishing - we want to do it well. When we start and end well, we set ourselves and others up for success in the in-between. In this Pastors’ Wives breakout, we’ll talk together about the trickiness of entering new ministries when you are the pastors’ wife, how to turn over the reins of a ministry in an empowering way, how to grieve and celebrate when you leave a church (even when the circumstances are less than ideal) and how to enter a new church in a way that paves the way for Kingdom ministry. We’ll also spend a little time digging into transitioning out of full-time pastoring and into retirement in a way that continues to embrace Kingdom investment. Join us for this time of conversation, fun and some new tools for your journey as a Pastor’s wife.

For Pastors and Church Leaders

Board or Bored? Equip, Train, Lead (and Like) Your Church Board-Dr. Bruce Hopler
Church Boards are an essential part of ministry. Learning new tools will help prepare you to develop the right board for your organization and ultimately, help you to work with your Board to reach common goals that produce eternal results.

4:30 PM
Transition Time

6:30 PM
Main Stage Session Ed Stetzer

9:00 PM
Question and Answer with Ed

10:00 PM
Conclude for evening

Saturday, March 12, 2022

8:30 AM
Main Stage Session Two


10:30 AM

Helping Unbelievers Come Home to God - Doug & Shellie Dameron
Helping the unchurched and de-churched feel at home. - Creating an environment where the unchurched and de-churched feel at home in our services and our church family is excited to invite them to attend.

Life Giving Groups - Mark Johnson
“Groups for The One” - How Jesus’ Parable of the Lost Sheep lays a framework for groups to insiders and outsiders

Enhancing Online Ministry - Ryan Dickinson
Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Online Ministry - "Online Ministry" is more than broadcasting your services on Facebook. And it's more than scheduling out a few social media posts each week. Figuring out how to effectively reach unchurched people online can seem like an overwhelming task. In this breakout, we'll take a close look at some of the methods and tools utilized at Orchard Church for online ministry.

Children’s Ministry - Shantell Guzman
“Little hearts for the biggest impact.”
Leveraging the powerful influence of the next generation to impact now.

Youth Ministry - Nat Conn
Listen and Listen Well-Let’s face it, youth ministry seems to be tougher, harder and more extensive after returning to in-person. “What things should we keep doing that we did before covid” or,  “What do we need to do differently” might be racing through your head this year as we experience post covid youth ministry. Let’s be honest, youth ministry and the students you serve are not the same as before. In this breakout, we will look into what you should implement so you can answer these questions for your youth ministry.

11:30 AM
Lunch/Business Meeting

1:00 PM